About Us

Our Story

In 2007, our founding team began to research existing technologies known as "smart glass" or "electronic dimming windows". We were absolutely amazed by the technologies but wondered why we did not see this in our daily lives. The answer is these technologies have been too costly and too complex for any real market adoption. The reason why we founded SmarterShade is that we believe there is a simpler, more practical smart glass solution, The SmarterShade system achieves this and has the potential to fundamentally change how people interface with their window systems.


The Founding Team



Mike has a background as a small business entrepreneur and has had a successful career as a management consultant. He has served a number of clients across the energy/utilities, automotive, logistics, manufacturing, government, and other industries, Mike developed the original business plan for SmarterShade in 2007. Since returning full time to the company in 2012, he has developed a global supply base and customer pipeline across a number of segments; and built a team of industry and business experts.



Ryan has construction industry and machining experience and has a BS in Chemical Engineering. Ryan has been instrumental at building a team of optical experts and partners to help define and refine the SmarterShade technology. He has built close relationships with the top optical engineers at Fortune 500 film and liquid crystal suppliers to further advance the development of our product; as well as to secure key technical relationships.



William McLeod is a mechanical engineer and product designer responsible for the original SmarterShade product concept. He graduated with dual degrees in product design and in mechanical engineering before getting his Masters of Science at the University of Notre Dame. Will has received several awards for the concept behind SmarterShade as well as other products.