SmarterShade will provide people with innovative ways of controlling the properties of their windows. While controlling light transmission, privacy, clarity, and reflection, we will also have a positive impact on our environment. SmarterShade will provide a superior solution to window shading that everyone can afford. The SmarterShade platform can be implemented both within a double paned window system and as an aftermarket add on to existing windows. Our products can be applied to windows that are positioned in difficult places, or where a traditional blind or shade is not practical. This includes windows in walls, doors, and skylights.

Installed Skylight:

Smartphone Controlled Product Demo:

The major benefits of SmarterShade technology include:

  1. Energy Efficiency: In the summer, heat from radiation enters the home primarily through windows and skylights. Similar to the effect of smart window technologies, the use of SmarterShade results in a much more energy efficient household. Estimates of the energy savings due to smart window applications are 20-40%.

  2. Price: Our technology is significantly less expensive than other smart glass technologies.

  3. Aftermarket Application: Unlike other smart window technologies, SmarterShade can be applied to existing windows. The solution is not dependent on the window replacement cycle.

  4. Controllable Light: With SmarterShade installed, a touch of a button dials the natural light up or down, with minimum visual obstruction.

  5. Manual Option: SmarterShade can be manually operated. In applications that are easy to reach, switching can be achieved with the slide of a lever, similar to miniblinds or blinds between glass.

  6. Blocks UV Rays: UV rays can enter traditional windows without tinting treatments. SmarterShade can prevent furniture bleaching caused by these UV rays.

  7. Easy Cleaning: Just Windex and wipe, like any glass surface. SmarterShade needs no extra cleaning effort or products.

  8. Electronic Control: In skylight and other remote applications, elelctronically controlled SmarterShades will feature a remote control for simple operation. You can push a button to tint a whole wall of windows.